Domain registration

Top Level Domains are available for you to choose from. It is our business to advise you on the most preferred domain name extension for your kind of organisation or business entity.Talk to Us Now!

Cost per annum
kes. 1500
kes. 1500
kes. 1500
kes. 1500
kes. 1500
kes. 1500
kes. 3500
kes. 1700
kes. 3500
kes. 2000
kes. 2000
kes. 2900
kes. 4000
kes. 2500
kes. 2850
kes. 2850
kes. 3500
kes. 2850
kes. 3500
for Companies.
for Educational Institutes.
for Institutes of Learning.
for Network Devices.
for Government Entities.
for NGO's.


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